• General introduction

    This section is about evaluating and refining your literature search and about assessing the quality of search results. Furthermore, we give you some tips for the procurement of books and full text articles, for referencing and the use of reference management software and for useful literature on academic writing.

  • 3.5 Reference management software

    If you use experiences, findings, assertions or extracts from a text in your paper or thesis that are not your own but from another author you need to reference the sources used correctly in your text and list them in the bibliography (Voss, 2014). It is considered to be theft of intellectual property and attempted fraud if you do not indicate properly the sources used in your paper or thesis. At the FHGR there is a software for the detection of plagiarism available that is applied if there is any suspicion of attempted fraud.

    Reference management software supports the correct referencing of literature by offering the following functions:

    • Save and organize references and documents
    • Automated import of references from databases, library catalogues and web sites
    • Manual entry of references
    • Automated insertion of references in your paper or thesis
    • Automated compilation of a bibliography in your paper or thesis

    The FHGR library offers help for the following software programs:

3.4 Referencing3.6 Literature on academic writing