• 2.3 Video tutorials (various instructions)

    Please note: The video tutorials are up-to-date in terms of content. The formal adjustments will be made with the system change to SLSP in 2021. All innovations will be communicated in due course.

    Searching the library catalogue

    The FHGR Library lists its materials in the NEBIS network catalogue (NEBIS recherche) and in this video we explain how to search this online catalogue for literature.

    Length: approx. 10 minutes

    Searching the library catalogue: orders, renewals and other options

    This tutorial shows you various options of the library catalogue: Orders, reservations, your personal library account, saving search queries and favorites, citation etc.

    Length: approx. 10 minutes

    Access to e-books

    The FHGR Library lists its materials in the NEBIS network catalogue (NEBIS recherche). In addition to printed documents, you can also find e-books. In this video we explain how and under which circumstances you can access these resources.

    Length: approx. 5 minutes

    Search techniques - Boolean operators & Co

    In this video we present some important search techniques that help to search more efficiently and effectively and that can be applied in most catalogues and databases.

    Lenght: approx. 10 minutes

    Search techniques - too many results, not enough results

    This video tutorial gives you some tips that might help you if you get too many or not enough search results.

    Lenght: approx. 10 minutes

    Full text access options

    Many catalogues and databases only contain the bibliographical references of a publication and do not offer direct online access to the document's full text. In this video we present 5 ways to get hold of an article.

    Lenght: approx. 5 minutes

    The Electronic Journals Library

    In this video we show you how you can use the Electronic Journals Library to check the access possibilities to the full text of a journal.

    Lenght: approx. 5 minutes

    2.2 Various instructions