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    Why Moodle?
    Moodle ist at the time one of de most use learnmanagementsystems at the university level. Moodle is a Open-Source-Learningplattfomr and is developed by a great worldwide community. The advantage of this is that we could use the newest trends and finding in learning with digitale media.

    What is Moodle?
    Moodle is a learnmanagementsystem and helps lecturer to create their courses. In a virtual learning environment such as moodle the lecturer could involve a variety of tasks and activities. Together with traditional tool such as fileupload there are a numerous of communicative and collaborative tools, like forums, chats and wikis, which could be build in the course.

  • Modulschlussprüfungen FS21 / Final examinations SS 21

  • Contact Persons

    Contact Persons for Moodle

    These are the contact persons for general questions about moodle from every department at FH Graubünden.

    BSc Tourism (Head of department : Thorsten Merkle)
    Selina Steiner

    BSc Service Design (Head of department : Dominique Roland Gerber)
    Stéphanie Bartels

    Further education tourism (Head of department : Norbert Hörburger)
    Chantal Siegrist

    BSc Business Administration (Head of department : Fulvio Bottoni)
    Madlen Lipp

    BSc Sport Management (Head of department : Gian Andri Hässig)
    Flurina Marti

    BSc Digital Supply Chain (Head of department: Dominic Kaeslin)
    Sonja Lucia Krueger

    MAS/EMBA/DAS Management
    Juliane Streitberg, Nadja Osterwalder

    MSc Business Administration, Zentrale Module, Major New Business (Studienleitung: Ralph Lehmann)
    Claudio Alig

    MSc Business Administration, Major Tourism (Head of department : Jan Mosedale)
    Nathalie Riesen-Sanabria

    MSc Business Administration, Major Information Science (Head of department : Wolfgang Semar)
    Azra Bekiri

    BSc Information Science (Head of department : Bernard Bekavac)
    Michael Aschwanden, Azra Bekiri

    BSc Digital Business Management (Head of department : Armando Schär)
    Selina Schädler, Urban Kalbermatter

    BSc Systemtechnik NTB (Head of department : Beat Bigger)
    Ulrich Hauser

    BSc Photonics (Head of department : Leutenegger Tobias)
    Mirco Seeli

    BSc Architect (Head of department : Christian Auer)
    Katrin ZimmermannUrsina Bernold

    BSc Civil Engineering (Head of department : Imad Lifa)
    Marlene Marty, Ursina Bernold

    MAS Sustainable Construction
    Marlene Marty, Ursina Bernold 

    BSc Multimedia Production (Head of department: Ulrike Mothes)

    Martin Arnet

    Further Education IMK Media courses (Head of department: Caminada Pieder)
    Giada Zacheo

    CAS Management of Public Administration and NPO (Head of department: Ursin Fetz)
    Tatjana Schädler

    CAS Continued Construction on Existing Buildings (Head of department: Christian Auer)
    Katrin Zimmermann

    Every contact person above should be the first level support of moodle, that means any questions about general functions or problem on moodle could be ask to the contact person for the specific department. Also they are responsible for the course setting of a particular department. More complex questions about moodle then will be forwarded to the Moodle Team of FH Graubünden.

    Central contact person for moodle at FH Graubünden

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