Topic outline

  • Ready for an emergency

    To be as well prepared as possible, both in emergency situations as well as in prevention, and to remain capable of action and transparent in crisis and emergencies, these are the primary goal of the emergency and crisis concept of the UAS Grisons (German version). In the sense of a holistic approach, the concept includes both the procedure in emergencies and crisis situations as well as prevention and reprocessing. An emergency is an unexpected situation that requires rapid assistance, such as fire, natural disasters, epidemics, etc. It also includes medical (loss of consciousness, breathing, circulation, accident, etc.) and psychological (violence, suicidal intent, etc.) emergency situations.

    The coordination team consists of President Jürg Kessler, Flurina Simeon (Head of Communication), Rinaldo Albertin (Head of Services) and Malgorzata Suter-Kaminski (Administration) as well as their deputies Martin Studer (Management), Luzia Schmid (Communication), Aron Tischhauser (Services) and Christine Moser (Administration). It is deployed in emergency situations.

    The coordination team is responsible for:

    • the coordination of emergency operations on site
    • communication (exchange and flow of information)
    • contact with external agencies (police, fire brigade, ambulance, authorities)
    • calming the situation
    • ensuring the psychological aftercare of injured and involved persons
    • annual revision of this concept.

    Short introduction to the emergency management at UAS Grisons

    Emergency numbers and guidelines for action